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Knowing that problems are related to processes, which are enforced by people, will help you make the decisions to future proof your operation. This usually comes as a mix of process automation and smart use of data.

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With expertise in real time systems, data warehousing, mobile applications, and system architecture
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We are natural problem solvers, believers of volunteering, the open source community, and an equal opportunity provider
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We nurture human capital: passionate, high performing, and multicultural teams. Motivation and trust are our pillars

Building a platform

Do you need to build your own platform? There are plenty of tools that can solve your problems. Using them is a good way to start operating and learning what your customers need and want (sometimes wildly different things). Ideally, one should delay the building of a platform until it has exhausted the capabilities of these low-code systems.

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Fail fast

A key part of the Agile methodology is to fail fast. This means measuring results continuously and adapting until they are better. So listen to your customers, make changes, and try things in different ways until you hit the motherlode.

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Be embarrassed

Quoting Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn: If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late. Allow yourself to be embarrassed. It’s actually a good thing, and hey, your next version will be better.