Our concept

is to provide the benefits of a low-code platform tailored to evolve your system. Not ours

We are more than just a recruiting company
We provide teams of people to help you solve your business problems
Grow junior resources into high performing teams
Multicultural, cross functional
Equal opportunities for all

Agile project implementation
Re-platforming, digital transformation

Business analysis, process mapping
Thinking outside the box

Over the past few years we have built various systems. We build them in a modular fashion, which can be clicked together, and significantly reduce the time to getting an MVP up and running. React js, nosql, aws, cloud

Starter app
Authentication using email/oAuth/SSO
Role based security model
Shopping cart and payment gateway
Forms builder and forms processing
Attendance/sign in
Workflow system

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Be embarassed

There is a famous quote by Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, which really resonates with some entrepreneurs: If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late. Allow yourself to be embarrassed. It’s actually a good thing, and hey, your next version will be better.

Not failing fast

Your startup idea may be great, but what ends up making it a success may be different. A key part of the Agile methodology is to fail fast. This means measuring results and continuously adapting until they are better. Listening to your customers, making changes and trying things in different ways until you hit the mother lode. Instead of being a gold miner, you might end up making shovels or gold pans, and having a steady, profitable business.

Building a platform

Do you need to build your own “platform” or app? There are plenty of tools that do a percentage of what you need. This is good to start operating and learning what your customers need and want (maybe wildly different things). Successful companies target customers wants. Ideally, a startup should delay the building of a platform until it has exhausted the capabilities of these low-code systems.